Open and scale a center in Romania and recruit the best talent fast.

Our main expertise is supporting companies in opening and scaling their operations in Romania.
We have an experience of over 12 ramp-ups and we know the inside-outs of such an initiative.
We can support you with Romanian IT and BPO/SSC talent data, relevant recruitment strategies, and salary surveys.
We have a validated methodology and a talent insights pack that will make your recruitment in Romania easy and efficient.

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Insight based recruitment in Romania to select the best available candidate for your needs.

We understand your profile, help you adapt it to the market and provide you with shortlists of candidates validated for your requirements.

Key points:
  • 55% of our projects are for middle and experienced roles.
  • A strong team of 14 recruitment consultants with experience of up to 13 years in the market
  • IT recruitment expertise: Development (Backend, Frontend, Fullstack), Business Analysts, Security, DevOps, Cloud, Quality Assurance, Network & System Administration, etc.
  • Business recruitment expertise: Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Procurement, Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Pharma/Medical, etc.

We have a strong network of executive profiles, built in over 18 years on the market and a validated methodology to select professionals that have a high performance on the job.

Key points:
  • 35% of our projects are for executive roles, out of which 50% for CEOs or Site Leads.
  • Industry expertise: IT, BPO/SSC, FMCG, Online/E-commerce, Engineering, Retail, Banking, Telecom.
Onsite recruiters with background in your area.

We get our recruiters on your site to manage the end to end recruitment process. We may supplement the effort with our database resources to move quickly and effortlessly. We assume responsibility for the end result.

Key points:
  • Pool of over 20 recruiters and researchers.
  • Over 10 assignments per year.
  • Experience – 6 months to 5 years, with an average of 3.5 years.
  • Expertise in IT, Telecom, FMCG, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Marketing, Online.
Market intelligence for IT skills and BPO/SSC skills in Romania.

In Brainspotting we believe in the power of the data and in insight-based strategies.

For the past 8 years, we have organized over 60 research projects for companies in the IT and BPO/SSC area to help them understand the structure of the skills, compensation & benefits structures, attrition and the employment behavior of the talent market.

Our projects are based on extensive desk research, profiling of over 20,000 professionals, online surveys for both companies and candidates.

Our reports answer some of the most important questions you have when you want to grow fast and get the most out of your recruitment efforts:
  • Why is Romania one of the best countries to outsource
  • Which city in Romania (e.g. Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, etc) has most of the skills you need
  • What is your competition in terms of either IT market or BPO/SSC market
  • What salary should you pay in order to be competitive
  • What benefits are most attractive for your targeted segment
  • How to recruit in Romania, based on your desired profiles
  • What is the attrition (turnover, churn) for your profiles in Romania, Bucharest or any of the cities
  • What salary premiums should you pay in order to be competitive
  • What is the employment behavior of your target market (criteria to evaluate employers, job changing patterns, salary satisfaction, communication channels, etc)
Available research:
  • IT Talent Maps
  • IT Salary Surveys
  • BPO/SSC Talent Maps
  • BPO/SSC Salary Surveys
  • Executive Talent Talent Maps
  • Recruitment KPIs
  • Personalized research based on client needs

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